“Why Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?”

By Andrew Froemming

“And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word” 1 Kings 18:21.

In this passage, God uses Elijah to challenge Israel with the message, “Why are you waiting to make a stand for God”?

Recently a friend shared a Facebook meme that chronicles a lot of major Bible characters and their issues. It went like this:

“Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Sarah was impatient, Elijah was depressed, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, and Lazarus was dead….

God dosen’t call the qualified—He qualifies the called!”

This meme got me thinking that in the Bible you really never see instances of God calling people that where qualified by worldly standards. Instead you see God calling those that seem totally unqualified and then giving them the tools to accomplish the call. Yet all too often we feel that we must wait till we have the right qualifications before we can make a stand and share what God is doing in our lives. As I reflected on this thought I wondered why God would choose to work with those in whom He has to invest so much. Then I thought maybe the answer lies in the text we often use in offering calls: “Where your treasure is there also will be your heart”.  God’s investment in each of us is a revelation that His heart is with us and that He cares about us. Our shortcomings force us to depend on a power outside of ourselves. This paradigm means that God is constantly breathing life into our souls as we look to God to fill our inadequacies.

Each of us have stories of God working through our inadequacies. These experiences are reminders to us and catalysts of faith for others because they show that God treasures us. For God so loved the world that he chose to come to this earth and invest in broken people that no one should perish but all should have eternal life. In God’s eyes it doesn’t matter that we are not perfect. In fact, if we think we are more perfect then our neighbor we create a barrier that prevents us from accepting God’s love for us. If we only use our inadequacies to compare ourselves with other people’s issues—instead of as a place for God to reveal His love—we become our own gods filling ourselves. God then gently nudges us with, “How long halt you between two opinions? If I am to be God of your life, follow Me: but it you want play god, follow yourself.”

As I experience God’s call in my life, I am asked to share what God is doing in my life. God didn’t call me because I was qualified; He qualifies me because He called me. I am still not perfect—but God has given me all I need in order to share that He loves and treasures me with anyone that will listen.


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