Apocalypse 2012: The Revelation of God in Popular Culture

We’ve recently concluded the 2012 edition of our annual Apocalypse sermon series.

This sermon series focuses on the revelation of God in art, film, music and other aspects of pop culture. As a missional community we believe it is important to look at our culture with a spiritual eye to see and hear God’s presence there. Several of these sermons were preached by members of our congregation.

Read Ryan’s journal about this series.

Podcasts are available for a few of these sermons—check them out below!

When What is True is Not Pure (Introduction)
Philippians 4:8,9. Ryan Bell. July 28.

True Grit
Romans 7:14–20, Eugene Abano. August 4.

The Nightmare before Christianity (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Exodus 32:1–6, Gibbons Alty. August 11.

Hungering For Righteousness (The Hunger Games)
Matthew 5: 1-12, Ryan Bell. August 18.

Be Changed by the World (This American Life)
Acts 17:24–28, Brian Lauritzen. August 25.

Breaking Bread (Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution)
Mark 6:30–44, Alburn and Kelsy Binkley. September 1.

Dancing with God
Genesis 1:1–5, Julia Alty with Zoe Bell, dancer. September 8.

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