Time to Vote!

Voting is a civic responsibility in our country, but we also feel that it is our responsibility as Christians. Voting is certainly not the only way to raise our voices for peace and justice in the world, but it is one important way. Throughout American history African Americans and women have fought for the right to vote and some sacrificed their lives in the process. We honor their sacrifice, and the dignity of all who need a voice in our world, by voting all our values this Tuesday!

Here are some resources to help you in the process of voting:

Pastor Ryan Bell recently wrote this piece in the Huffington Post. Can We Afford to be Neutral? Christianity and Civic Engagement

Important Propositions. There are 11 Propositions on the ballot this year. Two in particular are worth mentioning as it relates to our Christian and Seventh-day Adventist values and our specific ministry.

  • Proposition 30—Protect our schools
    Proposition 30 would raise critically needed revenue for the state of California to prevent devastating cuts to education, public safety and other vital services by temporarily raising income tax 1-3% on the wealthiest Californians (families making $500,000/year or more). Our community organizing family—LA Voice and PICO California—are working in coalition with the Governor to pass this initiative. For more see PICO’s Prop 30 website,  Californians for Opportunity.
  • Proposition 34—End the Death Penalty
    As Christians who believe that the way of Jesus calls us to non-violence, we should not support the taking of any life. Prop 34 would replace the death penalty. For more, see Safe California’s website.


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