Artists’ Workshops

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Musicians Workshop
7 – 9 p.m., Every other Tuesday night in the Fellowship Hall.
Music Workshop

This is an informal group gathering where anyone who is musically inclined can come to sing or play an instrument. We’ll be getting more familiar with the music we use for our worship services, as well as learning new songs and arrangements. Come join us! Contact Dannon for more information.

Other Irregularly Scheduled Workshops

Actors/Writers Workshop
Writing and Acting Workshop

The Actors/Writers Workshop is for professionals in the field looking to improve their acting and writing abilities. We do a variety of activities to help the creativity of our artists, from special guests and acting lessons to cold readings of the writers’ works to improv acting to writing exercises. Anyone that is looking to expand their writing, acting or directing abilities should get in touch with us.

Fine Art Workshop
Fine Art Workshop

The Fine Art workshop is a place to create!  Our resident artist is skilled in helping get your creative juices flowing and then setting you loose to paint, sketch, draw… whatever seems right.  This is a place to make ART!