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100 Years of Purple

Originaly Posted on September 10, 2018


Hollywood Adventist is celebrating a 100 years of being a community and we would love for you to be there!

Worship Celebration at 11am
Anniversary Luncheon at 1pm

And there’s more! A historical wall display and memory room to reminisce about the old and a photo booth to capture the new!

Bring your photos and stories to share! Reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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Who Will Save? Advent Christmas Drama

Originaly Posted on December 19, 2014

“For thousands of years, humanity looked to that future day when the Promised One would come to save. In this original drama, five actors from our church present the life stories, struggles and hopes of five key people from the epic stories of old as they long for the coming of their expected Savior.”

Sabbath Morning, December 20, 11 a.m.

written & presented by

Eve, Mother of Humanity—Bria Daniels
Read her story in Genesis 2 & 3

Isaac, Son of Abraham—José Quinones
Read his story in Genesis 15 & 22

David the King—Jasen Salvatore
Read his story in II Samuel 11 & 12; Psalm 2, 16, 34 & 51

Isaiah the Prophet—Tim Bragaw
The Book of Isaiah, 7:14; 9:1–2, 6 & 7; 11:1–10; 43; 53

Mary, (Soon-To-Be) Mother of Jesus—Giullianna Martinez
(Isaiah’s Prophecies) Read her story in Luke 1 & 2

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The Apocalypse is Here!

Originaly Posted on October 31, 2014

If someone were to shout, “THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!” you should turn and run…

…toward the commotion, eyes wide and grinning in anticipation. In popular thought, the word “apocalypse” is the same as the end of the world. Apocalypse is a Greek word that actually translates as “revealing,” and this word begins the book of Revelation. The last book of the Bible begins with, “The revelation of Jesus Christ,” which is what the entire book is about: the revealing Jesus to us in these last days.

Here at this church, there is a running yearly tradition of church members sharing where they have seen Jesus Christ revealed in the world around them, revealed specifically in music, art, and the media. Come and consider their very personal sightings of Christ in the world in which we all live.

“Divine Improvisation” (Nov 1)
Quartetto Fantastico (Performing Artist), Dannon Rampton

“I Have Just Met You, and I Love You” (Nov. 8)
Up (Film), Eugene Abano

“Dreams, Reality and Elephants” (Nov. 15)
Inception (Film), Jonathan Salvador

“Weathering the Storm” (Nov. 22)
The Eye of the Storm (Book), Karin Swarner

“God Loves Redshirts” (Nov. 29)
A Survey of Minor Character Subplots, Branden Stoltz

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Spiritual Depression – Branden Stoltz – August 09, 2014

Originaly Posted on August 15, 2014

Branden Stoltz

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How to Develop Soul Ballast – Greg Nelson – August 02, 2014

Originaly Posted on August 7, 2014

Greg Nelson

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Strengths Workshop for Joy and Success

Originaly Posted on July 4, 2014


// Dr. Greg Nelson
// Speaker, Author, Strengths Coach, Pastor


In Gallup’s research into human potential over the past 30 years—including interviews with more than 8 million people—the evidence is overwhelming: You will be eight times more successful & fulfilled in whatever you do by building your life around your greatest natural abilities (strengths) rather than your weaknesses. Your strengths should be your primary focus.

The problem is that most people don’t even know what their greatest strengths are, much less how to use them so they can be more fulfilled and effective in their lives.

According to Gallup’s latest study, over half of churchgoers say they don’t get to do what they do best in their congregations.

Fortunately, Gallup’s research led it to developing one of the most effective tools for discovering and utilizing a person’s top strengths: StrengthsFinder. When used in a congregation, this discovery has the potential to unlock a congregation’s most powerful resource: people and their God-given strengths.


  • Unpacking God’s amazing gift to you: your individual strengths themes. What are your Top 5 strengths, what do they represent in your life, how are you already using them, how can you use them more for effectiveness and fulfillment?
  • How does knowing and using your strengths apply to your relationships, spiritual life, work, and teams you be- long to?
  • What difference does this all make?
  • Identifying your congregation’s God- given strengths profile. Knowing the church’s strengths impacts mission: how does your church give and serve in the strongest way possible? What does a strength-based congregation look like? How can it be developed?


For you to get the most out of this experience, you need to take an online assessment called “StrengthsFinder” which, through a series of detailed questions, identifies your top five strength themes. Dr. Nelson will unpack your results in the workshop.

  • Take the test directly online for $9.99 (Gallup’s fee). Here’s the link:
  • If you would like some financial help for this, contact the church office.
  • E-mail your strengths results to Greg ( no later than MONDAY, JULY 28 so he can compile a Strengths profile of the whole group.
  • Even if you can’t attend the workshop, we’d love for you to take the assessment so you can be included in the group profile. Just knowing your top 5 strengths is a great value to you.

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Hollywood Adventist Church Pastoral/Leadership Update

Originaly Posted on June 4, 2014

We are happy to update you on some changes to our church leadership team. Starting June 14, the Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church will add to our current staff a new leadership package that includes Greg and Shasta Nelson as Senior Administrators and Life Coach Consultants, and Branden Stoltz as Senior Pastor.

Branden Stoltz with be preaching on June 14, and Dr. Greg Nelson will preach on June 21. Come meet our newest leaders!

Senior Pastor Branden Stoltz

Senior Pastor Branden Stoltz

Greg and Shasta Nelson as Senior Administrators and Life Coach Consultants

Greg and Shasta Nelson as Senior Administrators and Life Coach Consultants

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Death Before the Fall—Panel Discussion

Originaly Posted on June 3, 2014

On June 7, we hosted a panel discussion on Dr. Ron Osborn’s book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering. This discussion touched on some of the following themes:

  1. 1. Can one be a Christian and an evolutionist? Is theistic evolution an oxymoron?
  2. 2. Can one reconcile evolution with a faithful reading of the Genesis account of creation?
  3. 3. How does a theistic evolutionist explain animal cruelty and predation before (the fall of) Adam and Eve?

Our panelists were:

ZANE YI, PhD, Asst. Prof. of Religion, Loma Linda University — MODERATOR

JEFFERY GANG, DMin, Senior Pastor of the Anaheim SDA Church, PhD candidate at University of Aberdeen in Theological Ethics

MAURY JACKSON, DMin, Asst. Prof. of Pastoral Ministry, La Sierra University

JODY WASHBURN, PhD Student at UCLA in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Watch the introductory sermon and discussion here.

Death Before the Fall Web Image

You can buy the book here:

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All Are Welcome Here

Originaly Posted on May 9, 2014

All Are Welcome

At Hollywood Adventist Church, “Where God’s Spirit is given space to change lives,” we are committed to the ongoing work of making that space fully inclusive.

God’s love is broader and deeper than we can fathom. Fellowship and membership in His church should, likewise, be open and generous. The redemptive power of Christ’s love extends to everyone regardless of age, race, class, sexual or gender identity. All are welcome in our church.

We embrace the challenge of being a diverse community, which encourages dialogue and welcomes questions, as we continue to identify the ways God is at work in all of our lives. We believe this will ultimately enrich us and be a witness for and a foretaste of the kingdom God intends to establish in the earth made new.

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Reflections on the Resurrection – Rockne Dahl – April 26, 2014

Originaly Posted on May 2, 2014

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