There are many things that bring us together at the Hollywood Adventist Church. But underneath all those things is a common longing. A desire for a “life with God.” What unites us isn’t so much a common dogma about God, but a common journey God-ward. We believe that God has graciously disclosed something of Godself to us. We also recognize that the minute we speak words about God we’ve already said too much…and too little. But speak we must. And sing and love and act.

One of the things we are forever saying is that God’s Spirit is among God’s people.* What this means is that we take seriously the promise of God to dwell among us and we expect to experience God’s presence through each other.

We hope you’ll join us on our pilgrimage toward life with God.

*Thanks to Alan Roxburgh for this formulation. There is so much about Hollywood Adventist Church that bears his mark.

Recent God News

All Are Welcome Here

At Hollywood Adventist Church, “Where God’s Spirit is given space to change lives,” we are committed to the ongoing work of making that space fully inclusive. God’s love is broader and deeper than we can fathom. Fellowship and membership in His church should, likewise, be open and generous. The redemptive power of Christ’s love extends […]

Watch Our Worship Services Live Online!

We are excited to offer streaming video of our Sabbath morning worship service. If you can’t make it to our church community in person on Saturday mornings, now you can join us in digital spirit on YouTube. Services are streamed online at 11 a.m. (PST) every Saturday. In addition to the live stream of our […]

Advent & Christmas at Hollywood!

Join us at 11 a.m. each Saturday as we celebrate the season of Advent. Be sure to join us Sabbath, December 14, for a special Christmas presentation titled “O Come Emmanuel”. Our children will join us in worship as we look back at Christ’s first advent. Then we will look forward to his second, future […]

Hollywood Week of Prayer

Hollywood Adventist Church has the opportunity to participate with several other neighborhood congregations in the Hollywood Week of Prayer. This is a special time to specifically pray for God’s leading in our community and our city. Prayer times will be hosted each evening, September 8–14, at various locations around town. We encourage you to check […]

Bathroom Renovations

We’re excited to renovate our church home over the next month. You’ll see some minor changes to our sanctuary and major changes to our restrooms! During the construction process, the downstairs restrooms will be closed but the outdoor restrooms are open (near the Fellowship Hall). Our new tenant, Ecclesia, is sharing the cost with us, […]

Five Deadly Sins of the Church

Five Deadly Sins of the Church A sermon series presented at the Hollywood Adventist Church for the season of Lent, 2013. Feb 16 — Looking in the Mirror - Ryan Bell Feb 23 — Patriarchy & Heterosexism – Trisha Famisaran Mar 2 — Racism and White Privilege – Jin Kim Mar 9 — Nationalism & Militarism – Maury Jackson […]

Paradox Sermon Series

Many of us are drawn to faith in God because we hope it will solve some problems for us and make the difficult mysteries of the universe plain. Then we discover, when we’ve spent some time with God, where those mysteries come from—God. For several weeks in Fall Quarter 2012 we explored paradox as a […]

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

We say that Jesus died for our sins. But what does this mean? How does it work? Why did Jesus have to die? Was it to appease God? To pay a penalty? To make some kind of cosmic point? This Easter season, join us as we explore this challenging topic and its effect on our […]

Easter Services 2012

Please join us for our annual Good Friday service at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night, April 6 in the Fellowship Hall. This is always a very special and sacred service where we read and reflect on scriptures about the final moments of Jesus’ life. The next day, on Sabbath morning, we will begin with a […]