There are many things that bring us together at the Hollywood Adventist¬†Church. But underneath all those things is a common longing. A desire for a “life with God.” What unites us isn’t so much a common dogma about God, but a common journey God-ward. We believe that God has graciously disclosed something of Godself to us. We also recognize that the minute we speak words about God we’ve already said too much‚Ķand too little. But speak we must. And sing and love and act.

One of the things we are forever saying is that God’s Spirit is among God’s people.* What this means is that we take seriously the promise of God to dwell among us and we expect to experience God’s presence through each other.

We hope you’ll join us on our pilgrimage toward life with God.

*Thanks to Alan Roxburgh for this formulation. There is so much about Hollywood Adventist Church that bears his mark.